Corset Dress
Burlesque Corset Video
Burlesque Corset video now live on YouTube
White Duchess Wedding Corset

Velda Lauder White Duchess Satin Drop Bead Curved Wedding Corset, £360, from Amazon

Black and Red Leather Corset

Black and Read Leather Corset

Bikers Leather Corset
Second Life Black Corset

Second Life virtual black corset

Gothic Victorian Medieval Wedding Corset Dress

This Gothic Victorian Medieval Wedding Corset Dress, £49.99, from eBay. Be quick though, only 1 day 13 hours left. But they do have 2.

Wedding Corset Dress

Found this great article about wedding corset dresses.They say “If you want to add your taste in your wedding attire, corset wedding dresses are the best ones to go for. These give you a number of options which you can decide on according to your choice, and finally have a wonderful corset dress ready to grace your figure.

Purple Corset Dress
Black and Red Corset Dress

Satin boned with lace trim, buy this black and red corset dress from Wizzard Oreas Wardrobe for £23.95.

Black and Gold Burlesque Corset Dress

Black and Gold Burlesque Corset Dress $325 from Etsy

This corset dress is a size Medium. It will fit a 34-36 bust and 27-30” waist. The corset itself will give up to a 2 inch waist reduction. It is made from a teffeta and has ribbon accent as well as a heavy beading. The attached skirting is made from a gold and black brocade. It has a “curtain call” type of opening in the front with a black tulle mirroring the look of the brocade opening. It has a bustled skirting in the back. It falls below the knee in the rear. The detachable shrug matches the skirting and is underlined with black tulle. It attached to the corset with ribbons.

This dress is perfect for Halloween, a party, a wedding or on stage!